Tuesday, March 6, 2012

SNEAK PEEK: Rab_beatZ DIY figure in development

Andrea Mancuso sends us these images of her upcoming DIY figure called Rab_beat. 
Here's what she said:
I'm a 3d character designer, and I've started the production of my DIY toy. I'm already waiting for the prototype and soon I'll start the production, so i thought to spread the news about it. You can see the project on my behance profile and soon i'll update the toy pics. Hope you'll like it.

Info: this is the solid and rounded version of my rab_beatz papertoys. The first version was made of one piece and after morkone's and seacreative's "custom-test" i decided to split it in parts to let the artists free to paint and customize it in any way they want.I plan to make this figure around 7.5” tall.
This is the link of the squared paper version project

here is my behance project page:

Here are some customs based on the platform: