Thursday, March 1, 2012

Rsin custom Bellicose Bunny "Quasi" bears some resemblance to the platform

Rsin also rocked a Bellicose Bunny for the Bellicosity show at TAG (March 23rd).

Rsin writes:
So the first 3 days of this piece I was ready to give up.  I ran into so many problems making this work.  I walked out of the studio a few times, cause I was ready to toss it against a wall.  But in the end I cleared my thoughts and made it work.  Now I love this piece.

Named this piece Quasi, cause growing up my lil sister had a rabbit named Quasimodo, and also the definition of Quasi is "Having some resemblance"  I took the original design by Nathan Hamill and just put my spin on it, but still resembles the original piece.

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