Friday, February 3, 2012

SNEAK PEEK: Dropping Jaw Tenacious Toys Exclusive resin figure by Jacob JAMS

When I heard from Matt Siegelbaum that his son Jacob had started to cast his own figures in resin, I had one thing to say: I WANT AN EXCLUSIVE! Jacob, who is 12, has had great success sculpting, molding and casting his own designs into resin. He's been selling them to classmates at school, and he has several sculpts by now. Jacob agreed to create a special Tenacious Blue Dropping Jaw Exclusive just for us!

Matt and Jacob work on this project together, which is such a ridiculously cool father/son activity... I'm so jealous. Even at 33 years old, I'm jealous. I wanna do this with my dad. I'm a huge fan of productive and constructive family time, and as a toy retailer I was falling all over myself to get on board with Jacob. 

So there ya go: a sneak peek at the next Tenacious Toys Exclusive Series: the tinted blue resin Dropping Jaws by Jacob JAMS. Good thing dad (Matt) is a professional photographer- I have better shots of this piece than almost anything else I sell! I'll post full, detailed pics and more info soon.