Friday, February 3, 2012

Custom Horselington commission by Matt Anderson

Matt Anderson was recently commissioned by a collector (Pranay) to customize a Horselington- a fascinating figure to customize as it is such a complex platform. Basically it's a little squat dude wearing a horsehead hat. Or something. It's a big piece, about 10 inches tall. I believe Rsin, Nerviswr3k and possibly Chauskoskis were also commissioned by the same collector to customize Horselingtons. Could be wrong... but I started to see Horselingtons by those guys popping up on Facebook. In any case, a different collector suggested that I cover Matt's custom. He was a big fan and wanted to see this one get some page time. I'm a big fan of anything Matt does, so here are some pics.

Note the real metal chain mail- a nice touch which we quite frankly don't see enough of these days. I like alternative materials in a custom- bone, metal, gears... anything off the wall. Matt's got his signature mini skulls going on, and in a nod to his steampunk aesthetic, Matt uses a gear at the back of the custom to hold his sword on. But what's really cool about this Horselington custom is the color-change resin Matt used on the horse's head:

Sweet work Matt!