Wednesday, February 29, 2012

RAMPAGE x Imps and Monsters MANOTAUR sofubi: in WAX!

Manotaur WAX!, originally uploaded by
Jon Malmstedt sends us word from Japan- another project in the works! This is the Manotaur figure he's creating with Justin Hillgrove of Imps and Monsters- a SWEET sculpt if I do say so myself. In terms of the progression of how a vinyl toy is created, it needs to be molded in clay, and then wax. The clay is "waxi-fied", and the wax was at the mold maker as of the 21st of Ferbruary, meaning this project is well underway! The official release is scheduled for the weekend of Emerald City Comic Con - Seattle's Comic Con - starting March 29th. There will be blanks up first, and a really small batch of RAMPAGE handpaints as well.

After the event, anything left will go in the Imps and Monsters site (, and I think Justin might be offering a pre-order now as well. Blanks will retail for $65 - painted versions pricing TBD. You can also follow that link to read the backstory on the Manotaur.

Jon says: Following the initial release of blanks and handpaints, we will be having masks made, and regular runs will be painted in (generally) simple masked paint schemes - with one-offs from Both Justin and myself and RAMPAGE micro-runs on occasion. You can expect some teaming up of the Manotaur and the Ugly Unicorn.

Pictures of the monster, 8 inch Wax Proto can be found on Jon's Flickr: