Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Take mushroom pics; upload to FB; enter to win a TADO Funghi at 40% off

With the Festive season still running thick (ahem) through his creative veins (cough cough) Creo Design is excited to announce a super discount offer for 10 super hard working TADO fans!

CD are offering a massive 40% off Funghi by TADO - that means you can get your Funghi for £30 or $45 ex delivery! To be selected for this cool offer fans must take their most creative photograph of a mushroom and post it on the Creo Design facebook page wall - - the 10 best will be picked by CD and TADO after the closing date of the 27 Jan 2012. 

Someone tell Spanky that mushroom heads do not count. The dubious phrasing of the above copy are certainly not an invitation to start donging the Creo Design FB page...