Friday, January 20, 2012

NUKED! resin mini figures by Steven Papagrim Patt

The world is in turmoil after years of rebellion war and hate the planet erupts into a nuclear hellfire. Earth is a barren inhospitable wasteland with few civilizations dotting the once fruitful plains. Man is virtually no more as Mutation took hold accelerating the course of man’s adaption to this new and harsh environment.

Although life may still exist on this foul planet War and hatred still tears it asunder. Oculus Viri along with a small band of what is left of the united states still hold up within the ruins of the former white house.

Imperator Lacertus the disgustingly cruel leader of the FOEZ, Skekiltor his right hand, and Clawgrugg the general, Will stop at nothing to crush the only thing standing in his way. Oculus and his gang of rag tag mutants.

Oculus Viri the leader, Sam Atom the brute, and Noctu the mind, are working to amass an army of their own kind in order to protect the freedoms of their people.

Who will win the war for control of this post-apocalyptic civilization?

This is now YOUR charge, choose a side amass an army of your own battle your friends and choose the fate of this new world!


Backlight shot of the glow sets, which all contain a UV glow additive.
At just over 2 inches, these mini-figures are in scale with classic Monster in my pocket toys.

Release info:
There will be 30 sets total available in the Papagrim shop.
They will be $20.00+sh per set; buy 3 sets or more and get free shipping on entire order in the USA.
There will be 10 sets violet glow, 10 sets black, 10 sets green glow.
Each set will be signed and numbered by Steven Patt, the designer/sculptor/caster.
Packaged bag and header card style. Available now!