Sunday, January 29, 2012

Spray Cap Ring & Lego Ring by Amalgam Jewellery

Chris from Creo Design has shared with us that they have delved into producing in another medium: metal! Creo Design has set up a new shop called Amalgam Jewellery, where you can buy both rings pictured.

Creo Design has delved into the cool and funky work of Metal 3D printing - breaking away from the tradition plastic 3D printing normally used. Creo has come up with some cool and funky Jewellery items for guys and gals all 3D printed to order! Since this is a 'Beta' shop i will be creating and uploading super cool jewellery items all the item. These items coming in a range of Metals including:

• Silver & Polished Silver
• Stainless Steel
• Bronze & Antique Bronze
• Gold and Polished Gold
More information on the materials is available on the Amalgam Jewellery Shop on the Shapeways site.

Plus if any fans/readers have any cool suggestions they can contact me and i will do my best to create their idea :)

Currently there is a cool 'nod' to the grandfather of all toys - Lego - with a super cool lego style ring and a super cool spray cap ring.

Contacting Chris from Creo and Amalgam is easy:
Skype: csacreo