Monday, January 30, 2012

Rampage Toys Dark Side of the Ugly: preorder on Friday

Dark Side of the Ugly, originally uploaded by

Above is the rainbow-painted sample of the Rampage Toys GID Ulgy Unicorn soft vinyl figure. On Friday, February 3rd, there will be a pre-order for both the painted and blank GID unicorns in the Rampage Toys shop. Painted (with the artwork) are limited to 20 possible pieces (if 20 are ordered that is), and will be $42 each. GID blanks are an open order with no limit and you can order as many as you want - blanks are $28 each. Scheduled delivery is mid to late March.

Pre-orders will be up starting Friday morning (EST) February 3rd, and will stay up until the following Friday (the 10th). Preorder here

Below is the header card artwork by Grizlli Atom for the painted Dark Side of the Ugly figure:

Dark Side of The Ugly - header!