Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Resin figures by Jacob Siegelbaum

This is Jacob Siegelbaum, son of local photog Matthew Siegelbaum (Strongtree Images). I met the Siegelbaums at the Almighty Dunny Show in Brooklyn a while back... Matthew is a collector but I think what drives him even more is the fact that his two sons also enjoy collecting art toys. Here is a perfect example of what this industry needs to progress: families getting involved in the creative process. Jacob (with Matthew's help) has created several different sculpts and poured them into resin figures. I'm super stoked to blog about this project- I bet you if Jacob sticks with this, he'll be casting resin alongside Eric Nocella Diaz and Matt Anderson before too long. Maybe I should get this kid involved in our next project?
Dropping Jaws by Jacob Siegelbaum

Battle Grubs by Jacob Siegelbaum