Thursday, January 12, 2012

Monster Kolor Artist Series Paints: Suckadelic, Mecha Virus, Max Toy Co

Monster Kolor is pleased to announce the new “Artist Series” of paints. The debut lineup features colors from the Sucklord, Todd Robertson (Mecha Virus), and Mark Nagata (Max Toy Co).  The first round of paints are:

: Robot Foreskin, Hot Jizz, Immortal Hemorrhoid, Gay Empire, and Robot Diarrhea in a 5 color set

Mecha Virus: "Mecha" Super Flake Silver

Max Toy Co
: Eyezon Yellow, Captain Maxx Red

Matt Walker of Monster Kolor has worked closely with each of these influential artists to develop colors that represent their personal styles. 

Each color is something they use when producing their awesome toys.  In addition to the colors themselves, each artist has designed their own custom Monster Kolor label for their colors.

The Artist Series is available from Monster Kolor, or via your favorite retailer (like us!)

If your local shop doesn't stock Monster Kolor, have them contact Apex to place an order.