Friday, October 28, 2011

Josh fplus Pearce's Corruptor Kickstarter fully funded

I am happy to have contributed to Josh Pearce's Kickstarter project "The Corruptor"! Here's an update from Josh (aka f+):
In just 8 days, the Corrupter is over 100% Funded! Meaning it's gauranteed to be produced! This also means there are still 12 days to get preorder pledges in for this edition of the figure! Also, I've added a few more reward tiers to give folks more options on what they want to receive.   You may notice the Corrupter is now in color as well! This is just a test paint on the rough master sculpt, but it should be pretty close to what you can expect the finished Corrupter to look like!

If you haven't heard of f+, or Kickstarter, or you've never contributed to a Kickstarter project, definitely poke around on this one to see what they're all about. I have contributed to several thus far (this one, Little Lotus Project, OMFG Series 1) and I've been finding it to be both fun and rewarding.