Friday, May 25, 2012

Teaser: Qiqi By Ziqi and Chebaka...

Not much is known about Qiqi by Ziqi pictured above from Creo Design except that it's very cute and the production process to get it made is almost over. Which means this figure should be available for purchase in the next few months. Qiqi by Ziqi will come in both black or red and official photos should be out soon.

Pictured above is also another figure that is almost completed production from Creo Design called "Chebaka." This figure will come in 5 colors, Blue, Cyan, Green, Purple and Yellow. Each color will be limited to 100 each. This figure is technically known as the "First Russian Designer Art Toy." More information and official pictures will be released soon. To stay informed about both Qiqi by Ziqi and Chebaka please click HERE and visit the Creo Design official website.