Friday, May 4, 2012

Stormies Kickstarter by Jon Walsh with resin by Matt A

Now THIS is a Kickstarter I can definitely get behind (in fact, I pledged before I started writing this blog post!)

We've posted a few teasers this week, but here's what Jon Walsh has to say about the project:

Starting today, May the 4th, I am launching a Kickstarter project to help raise funding to have my Stormie figure resin cast by the uber amazing Matt*A ( A Stormie is a 2.5" mashup/original sculpt of everyone's favorite ever-present imperial character, the Stormtrooper. As part of the project a large range of rewards are available to supports, ranging from $1 to $150. These include exclusive Kickstarter pieces and colorways, prints and even some custom one-offs by some of your favorite artists such as NikeJerk, Fuller, Ian Ziobrowski, UNCLE, JFury, Halfbad, Shez, Trust Pigs, 2bitHACK, F1shcustoms myself.

I'm super stoked for this. The project is already overfunded but there are still rewards left so click through and pledge to get yourself a Stormie! I'm down with any project that supports my artist friends and associates. 

To pledge, go to and check out the project to see what is going on in a galaxy not too far, far away.