Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pepe Hiller x Lunabee Woodbees

Pepe Hiller announces his collab with UK artist Lunabee:
These hand carved wooden bees, aptly names WOODBEES, were created by Pepe in Switzerland out of maple & walnut wood and then shipped over to Lunabee to paint up. There are 10 bees in total - 9 smaller worker bees (approx 2.5 inches in length) and one large Queen bee (approx 3.5"). The worker bees will be up for $99 each and the Queen for $149.

These are the only bees that are being made - there will be no future series, it's a one off collaboration and so this is the only chance to grab one of these wooden delights.

The release is being split into two with 5 worker bees being released tomorrow Thursday the 10th May at 7pm London time on Lunabees store ( and the remaining 4 worker bees and the Queen being released on Thursday the 17th May at the same time and in the same place.