Friday, May 11, 2012

Jorge Rodriguez Gerada Plague Doctor Qee bear

Renowned Urban artist Jorge Rodriguez Gerada has created an amazing "Plague Doctor" Qee bear for the Swab Art Fair AIDS charity project.

Swab Barcelona 2012 presents the AIDS charity project, Swab Toy’z for FLS, hand in hand with the Lluita Contra la Sida Foundation Fighting Aids, and the participation of about 100 artists and designers who have made artistic interventions on 8" white QEE’s, turning each one into a unique and exclusive piece. There will be an exhibition of the customized Toys during the days of Swab Barcelona 2012 (23-26 May), along with a catalog that will document each of those sold in the auctions organized by Swab Barcelona 2012. This publication will undoubtedly contribute on the spreading of the project on the international art world. Furthermore, to enhance its dissemination, a selection of Toys will be exhibited in several European Art Fairs. Participation in this project becomes a unique opportunity for artists and designers to show their work by contributing to this act of solidarity.
The project is curated by the architect, collector and expert in the international Art Toys, Juan Redón.
The 80 Qee’s will be sold online on the Swab Barcelona website and 20 will be sold at the presencial auction organized by SOTHEBY’S on Thursday 24th at 19.30 at the Fair.

The benefits of the auction will be destined entirely to the Lluita Contra la Sida Foundation Fighting Aids (FLS), a non-profit organisation whose core missions are healthcare, research and teaching in the field of HIV infection. The Foundation has its own HIV unit in the Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital in Badalona (Barcelona), an international medical reference in their research on the disease.