Thursday, May 17, 2012

The creation of Resin is King Series 1

This afternoon was spent creating the Resin is King Series 1 blind boxes that we will be selling tomorrow. The slideshow below will show you the steps we took to create this series:

Resin is King Series 1 will be release at 8pm EST tomorrow at the following link:

Each blind box will be $25 and comes stuffed with a 2.75" resin figure, a sticker and a ratio card. In some cases there are additional stickers or original sketches by the artists included inside the box. Also, there is one Golden Ticket randomly inserted. The customer pulling the Golden Ticket will win a 6" resin Teuth figure cast in resin and custom-painted specifically for this series by Brian Ahlbeck. 

More info on the Resin is King series:

This was a collaborative project between Dead Hand Toys (Brian Ahlbeck) and Tenacious Toys (Benny Kline). Last year we were hanging out and it occurred to both of us that there had never really been a multi-artist blind box resin figure series, so we decided to create one. We picked a very small group of friends and associates to include in Series 1: Brian, of course, plus Rich Page, NEMO & Osiris (Bad Applez), Matt A*, Jay222, Motorbot and Dave Bondi. We wanted to keep the price point low and offer up a similar buying experience to the multitude of blind-boxed vinyl toys on the market. If Series 1 goes well, we have big, BIG plans for Series 2. Props to all the guys in Series 1; thank you for your patience as I endlessly pushed the release date back.