Sunday, May 13, 2012

Arqball Spins: 3D spins of designer toys & the Arqball Kickstarter

Last night I met up with Dave from Arqball at our warehouse so he could demonstrate the capabilities of Arqball's product. Arqball has created a hardware (rotating base) and software (iPhone/ iPad app) combo that allows the user to quickly set up and capture moving images with iPhone/iPad camera. The app then takes the image and creates a "spin" which you can see below:

The spins create a much more informative visual display for the product in question. I think it's perfect for designer toys! Above is a spin of Evilos' Tron Mini Qee custom (from my personal collection). The actual creation of the spin takes about 1 minute from the time you set the object on the base to the time the app is done creating the file. Really, super incredibly fast. The spins are currently hosted on Arqball's servers, and you can access them at any time online via a link or by embedding a short line of HTML code into a web page or blog post (as I have done here). So easy, a toy-obsessed caveman could do it.

Above is a Pink Feather HoodZomb from 3A's Adventure Kartel series of 1:6-scale figures.

Above is our exclusive David Horvath Strange Beast Bossy Night Stomp edition.

Although we didn't do it with these spins, the Arqball software does come with a background deletion feature which allows you to record the spin in front of a white background and with one click, remove the entire background and base so it's pure internet white.

Arqball is really easy to use, and you can get a jump on your competition by supporting their Kickstarter here. I'm a backer. Expect to see more spins incorporated into Tenacious Toys blog posts and product listings soon. I'd recommend this system to any toy shop or manufacturer that would like to more easily and completely reveal all the details of the products they carry or manufacture. Even great for bloggers who frequently review products online. No more photo shoots followed by editing multiple images! One Arqball spin takes care of every angle.