Thursday, April 5, 2012

Trains of Fame new website and new DIY trains

Trains Of Fame presents its new website and online gallery. The works of graffiti artists such as Comer, Decap, Pone, Pro, Zenoy and DIY blank train cars will all now be available on the net.

After the success of the exhibition in the Oberkampf’s gallery in January, reuniting over 133 graffiti artists from France, Belgium, Switzerland, England, Germany, Spain, Italy and over a thousand people during the opening night, Trains of Fame decides to launch an online gallery and promote the works of five of the most influential french graffiti artists.

Always on the parisian subway model and for this special occasion, Comer, Decap, Pone,
Pro and Zenoy have customised some new trains, all of which can be seen in the online gallery.

Allowing everyone to express his creativity, Trains Of Fame also offers prepainted trains either of one and two colors or refering to the color code of the french trains and parisian subways.
The “Metro” model is composed of several types of subways referring to the current one
and those in circulation since its inauguration in 1900.
The “RER” model is a perfect copy of the parisian trains, carrying more than 2.7 million
passengers a day.

The “grey train” model reproduces old trains put on traffic in the 60s.

Once again, this gives a great opportunity to express yourself on historical train models!
Those reduced scale train models are specially designed be put on a desk, shelf or fix on a wall.