Friday, April 6, 2012

Scott Tolleson Uncle Argh NOIR Kickstarter: full sticker pack revealed

Kickstarter to fund a Tenacious Toys Exclusive Scott Tolleson Uncle Argh NOIR Mini Qee

Images for all 7 stickers in our Sticker Pack rewards have now been revealed!
Backers who have chosen rewards that include Sticker Packs will get a full pack of 7 stickers:
  • (2) full-color stickers featuring artwork by Scott Tolleson
  • (1) 5.5" wide black and white Argyle sticker (artwork by Scott)
  • (1) 3.5" diameter circular Argh Noir face sticker (artwork by Scott)
  • (1) 4" wide Tenacious Toys sticker
  • (2) 4" wide Toy2R stickers

Only backers who've chosen rewards that specifically include the Sticker Pack item will get Scott's full-color stickers. (We have several rewards that include Sticker Packs, including the lowest level reward- just a $5 pledge gets you this sticker pack!)

We will most likely have plenty of black/white stickers left over after those rewards have been shipped, so the rest of the backers (even ones whose rewards don't specifically include stickers) will get stickers in the mail as well.

Thanks to everyone who has pledged thus far- we are now 80% funded! Please share this post with your network- we are so close but every pledge and every dollar counts in the next couple weeks!