Monday, April 9, 2012

Fuller's Grr Dunny custom turned into limited-edition skate deck

 Last year Fuller did a dunny custom which he called "Grr" (above). Fuller says: "The story behind Grrr is he is a little monster that lives in the forest. He doesn't want to be a monster so he dresses up like a tiger and runs around growling and scaring the little forest animals. I still love Grrr and I wanted to dedicate my next board to that character. I will be doing a whole campaign revolving around this character. I have T-shirts, pins and even a plush in the works for him. I hope you will like it."
Fuller's Grrr deck is available for preorder in his shop here. They'll be shipping in May, and he's only making 10. They'll all be signed and numbered. This looks like a sweet deck, and one that I'd proudly hang on my wall. (I ride too messy to even consider bolting trucks to something like this) Personally I'm very excited for the Grr t-shirts and plushes he has in the works. 
Stay tuned for more info on those!