Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Damaged Goods custom TYO Truck by TaskOne

 This is a TYO Truck (TYO stands for "tag your own") customized by legendary artist TaskOne

This, for me, is like the ultimate collectible: my collecting started young, probably at age 2 or 3, with Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars. I had a huge collection. Eventually I moved on to 1:24 and 1:18 scale cars by Maisto, Burago, etc, and then onto building my own models cars and, when I was a teenager, building and racing R/C cars. Now that I'm into designer toys and artwork, it seems that my collecting has gone in a different direction than when I was little... until now. 

TYO Toys brings everything full circle for me- I can collect my little vehicles AND original art by the artists I love, at the same time!

This piece is nuts: Task ripped the thing open, jammed his 3D tag in there, painted and weathered the body of the truck... just really sick work. To follow TaskOne, check the following links:

To buy your own DIY vehicles from TYO, click here. There's a ton of cool stuff they offer: police cruisers, trailers and trucks of all sizes. 

Anyone who buys and tags the crap out of a TYO Police Cruiser, I will trade for $100 worth of brand new designer toys. Just sayin. Email me.