Monday, April 2, 2012

Customs by Cash: Vader Helmets, Angry Turds, Spider Man and My Little Pony Ninjas

Darth Vader helmets Cash picked up from Toys R Us. Used to hold candy. Love that SAW one on the left!
 Cash shares with us a variety of pieces he has customized. You can follow Cash here on Facebook.
This is a Spider Man commission Cash did on a Mini Munny.
Angry Turds! One of Cash's ideas, based on a Munny poop accessory. Look for more soon!

A WIP based on a Teddy Troop, this custom features a glass eye.

This is a 4" Mini Munny that Cash is applying Sculpey to. Looks awesome already!

A Leatherface Dunny done as a present for a friend, complete w/ custom packaging.
A custom My Little Pony... ninja? Dope.