Monday, April 30, 2012

The Camo Project: TYO Toys The Camo Project Book & Matchbox Van

Pairing wildlife illustrations with camouflage patterns, NYC illustrator Victor "Vickipages" Roman creates The Camo Project: a self-published book series that is inspiring a fashion and artistic movement in New York City and gaining support among his urban art world friends and like-minded fans. The recently released volume 2 focuses on bird species, providing field-guide information for each feathered illustration and insight on the creature's use of natural disguise,  as well as the history of its man-made camouflage backdrop.

The limited edition TYO x The Camo Project Van commemorates the book series and artistic following with the 1:64 scale diecast Matchbox van. 

While supplies last, each van comes with 1 of 3 buttons. If you find the silver button, you win a  'Camo Project x TYO Print' signed by Vicki Pages. 

TYO stands for "Tag Your Own". TYO Toys sells a number of different blank white vehicles in a variety of sizes that you can buy and tag up without getting arrested. Cool idea.