Sunday, March 4, 2012

Scott Kinnebrew Fang custom Qee for So So Happy show

Scott Kinnebrew sends us his submission to the So So Happy custom show, which involves custom Qees from over 30 artists. I must admit that despite keeping tabs on almost everything that Toy2R does, I had no idea who or what So So Happy was. So I went to their website... and I still have no idea. Apparently they are a California studio that makes stuff and donates to charity. They seems to have many characters that they license out. I DID manage to figure out that Scott's Fang custom is based on one of their characters, which is available as a plush here. Of course, Scott stuck Fang in a Stormtrooper suit! Cool custom. Here's more pics of Scott's custom Fang:

Scott writes:
Here's the Qee I'm dropping on the Toy2R / So So Happy show.  He started out as a Pig, but got a few mods and some homemade armor to wrap up the look.

I picked "Fang" after I read all the different bios because he looks like a devil, he's into custom toys, loves Mongolian BBQ, and he dresses like a Stormtrooper at Renaissance Fairs...seemed like my kind of dude.  I haven't done a Qee in a while, and it reminded me of how much I like the platform.