Monday, March 26, 2012

Resin care package from We Become Monsters!

We were pleasantly surprised last week to receive this awesome package from Chris Moore: artist, toy maker and sponsor of this blog! Chris Moore runs We Become Monsters and his flagship character is Skelechub, a portly little beast with a sunken, skull-like face. You can see and buy a huge variety of Skelechubs here in the We Become Monsters store.

 In an effort to allow greater collectability of his Skelechub figures, Chris has developed a Mini version of the Skelechub sculpt. The Mini Skelechub is about one thrid the size of the regular Skelechub. Unpainted Minis will cost $9 or $10 when Chris starts rolling them out.
 Also in the package was a bagged and tagged severed version of the regular Skelechub's head- a nice touch that Chris poured this one in a Tenacious Blue tint! The detail work is excellent, the blue is beautiful. Chris isn't sure yet whether he'll do a run of the Severed Heads, but in my opinion, he should. Great sculpt. For now, I have the only one! I guess Chris was cleaning out the Skelechub mold when he poured in the resin, and the head that popped out looked great so he bagged & tagged it and sent it off to me!
 Personalized note on the Severed Head header tag.

 Finally in our We Become Monsters package, we got one of Chris' Slabs:
The SLABs are bascially waste resin. Every time I mix a batch and pour a mold, there is a little left over, a centimeter in the bottom of a cup, an inch, whatever. This was being thrown away. So I looked around for something I'd made that I could make a simple open mold of and at least use the resin for something. I ended up choosing a wood carving that is a few years old. They are around 4x6 and flat, so the entire back of the mold is open and I just pour any extra resin in. Eventually, it is full, and I pop it out and throw it on the slab pile, and go back to casting. 
This means random color/material combos - yours is only almost uniform blue because I started the first layer with the same resin I used on that mini skelechub, and I was trying to get Tenacious Toys blue going there. Since it is all essentially repurposed waste, and many of them will be hideous colors, I decided to make them all freebies. People who like, or buy from the shop, are in the pool of people who will be selected from, randomly, every so often (as often as I can afford) to get one in the mail. People who buy and like the page essential get two chances.
Hilariously, Chris has included some ridiculous warning labels and cautionary statements on the back of the Slab packaging. Good thing he told me, too, because I was just about to run around the apartment holding my Slab and howling at the moon. 

So there ya have it- more awesome resin for my collection. Go visit We Become Monsters to see more, and be sure to Like their Facebook page and buy something from their store to be eligible to get your free Slab!