Saturday, March 3, 2012

Playge SQUADT fr0g s001 and K11 SPOT [SWAMP DWLLR]

The next Playge release- the SQUADT fr0g s001 and K11 SPOT [SWAMP DWLLR] set- is limited to  200 sets and will cost $115 total including shipping. fr0g is 6" tall.

(Note that Tenacious Toys will NOT be selling these- this one is a direct-to-consumer sale. You gotta buy em from Jamungo, and you have to buy them on Monday. These WILL sell out immediately).

The release is set for Monday, MARCH 5, 12:00 noon central time  (Austin TX)
Available at the squadt store>>

fr0g includes: wetsuit, tanks, flippers, spear gun, sMP5, tanto knife, 2.0 articulated and 'classic' arms and removable helmet.

K11 spot includes: wetsuit with pouches, flippers, removable helmet.