Friday, March 9, 2012

New from Fuller: Rebel Western, Mega Munny & So So Happy

Fuller shares with us 3 of his most recent pieces: above is a Rebel Ink figure which seems to be a favorite with many customizers. Fuller was given this one as a commission and was tasked with giving it an Old West feel. The other criteria was using the colors red, black, gray and white. I wonder if the customer knew how amazingly bad-ass it would turn out?
The sick piece above is actually a Kidrobot Mega Munny, which means it started out 18 inches tall! And with Fuller's sculpting/accessorizing, it's probably more like 20 inches now. That's a BIG friggin custom. It's like the size of my whole apartment. Here's what Fuller said:

I wanted to do add something to my Black Magic series. I don't do very many Mega Munny so I thought I would make him into one. I did a ton of more sculpting on this than I normally would. I have to say it was really fun. This was my original design of Voodoo from series one, but I decided to do a brown version. Thinking I like this one better. He will be for sale. 

(Watch Fuller's shop- this piece either has not yet been put up for sale, or it has, and it sold in the 5 freaking days it took me to get this blog post up!)

OK, so I'm starting to get this whole So So Happy Qee show. So So Happy has a number of characters of their own, which the artists are incorporating into their work. And to be honest, despite looking at different artists' and companies' characters day in and day out, I have to say that I really enjoy the So So Happy characters. You can see them all here. They're cute, and there's a bunch of them. 

Fuller writes: This is my entry for the SO SO Happy Project. I chose the character TRIBE. I wanted to add a few other characters and what better place than his mouth! 

One of the strongest elements of this piece, and many of Fuller's pieces, is his use of bright colors contrasting with black. I dig that about his work.

Here's a little more about the So So Happy Qee show, which I took from the blog on Toy2RUSA's site:

So So Happy x Toy2R Custom Qee Project
Toy2R is thrilled to jump into 2012 with a new DIY project, especially when it’s tied to one of the fastest growing brands – So So Happy. In collaboration, between Toy2R and So So Happy, an incredible roster of artists have been invited to customize 8” Qees inspired by the So So Happy characters and brand. Over 30 artists are taking part in this project and the Qees will be displayed at venues and trade shows across the country for 2012.

Participating artists include: Albert Art, AW177, Sneaky Raccoon, Chauskoskis, Diogo Machado, Frank Mysterio, A Little Stranger, Howie Green, Fuller Designs, JC Rivera, Jon-Paul Kaiser, Julie West, Ardabus Rubber, Kim Mayhew, Leecifer, DGPH, Matt Anderson, MeSmithy, Mikie Graham, Grimsheep, Pocket Wookie, RSIN, Scott Kinnebrew, Scott Tolleson, Shawn Wigs, Steve Lew, Valerie Bermudez and Valerie Gudell.