Friday, March 23, 2012

Leecifer x Plaseebo Tropical Night Gamer

LEECIFER "in cahoots with" Plaseebo
"The Greater Tropical Night Gamer" custom edition by Lee "LEECIFER" Gajda is a 7 inch high vinyl Night Gamer which has been hand painted and embellished. This figure is limited to 8 pieces and has glass eye inserts and a motion activated LED unit inside the head, as well as Black Light action.

Thought to be primarily equatorial inhabitants, it's quite rare to see one in Northern climes. These shy and reclusive creatures are easily recognizable by their organically geometric markings, bright coloration, and vestigial wings/ear tufts. Seemingly evoking the oceanic opulence of coral reef patterns and crystal blue waters with a body equally inspired by lush vibrant foliage and the plumage of the rarest of topical birds. Their true beauty can only be appreciated in hand when it's possible to examine the subtle hues of metallic golds, coppers and other reflective colors adorning their skin. An additional epidermal surprise awaits when one exploits the Greater Tropical Night Gamer's fascination for UV/black lights revealing hints of almost incandescent phosphorescent coloration. This small flutter of 8 was lured stateside by Bob Conge and Lee "Leecifer" Gajda for selective collector adoption.