Saturday, March 31, 2012

Blast from the Past: Dark Horse Relaunches Good Luck Trolls

From the depths of your child psyche- the innermost, primal areas of your brain that developed when you were an infant- the original, licensed Good Luck Trolls re-emerge to take over your boring desk at your decidedly boring job!

Trolls became one of America's biggest toy fads in the early 1960s, and again over the years in various revivals from many toy manufacturers.

In 2003, Toy Industry Association commemorated them among the one hundred most creative toys of the twentieth century. Also in 2003, a Congressional law allowed the Dam family of Denmark to restore their original U.S. copyright and become the only official owner. After keeping them off the market for nearly a decade, they have awarded Dark Horse Deluxe a license to bring back Trolls in a "mystery box" program.

This all-new assortment of colorful designs, with an array of hair colors and exotic surface treatments from glitter to metallic to flocked, are sure to stun both collectors and casual fans.

These will be blind-boxed mystery figures priced at $7.99 each ($119.85 for the full 15-piece display carton). Releasing in July 2012!