Thursday, February 2, 2012

SNEAK PEEK: RunDMB x JPK x Ume Toys "Project X"

It's called "Project X" because it has no name... but look at this thing! With sculpting like that, who needs a name anyway? This sculpt is based on a sketch by RunDMB (David Bishop) and JonPaul Kaiser, and cast into resin by Rich Page of Ume Toys.

Here's what Rich had to say:
At the tail end of last yeat I had a conversation about a possible sculpt/resin toy based on a sketch from David Bishop (@rundmb) and Jon Paul Kaiser (@jonpaulkaiser).

I've sculpted him up - a few tweaks to come that will include articulation for his arms and head (which will also be reshaped a little) - I took him down to KidRobot London last week and everyone seemed to like him a lot. We are thinking of a small run for ourselves and selected friends to custom and hope to put a little show on for the launch - after that a ltd run of resin blanks should be up for grabs (no prices yet).