Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Shawn Wigs MATRIX Dunny series

Shawn Wigs shares with is his sweet new MATRIX series, which includes ten 3" Dunnys, an 8" Dunny and two 4" Mini Munnys. 

I'm a little slow on this post so some of them are sold already, but you should click here to go to Shawn's store to see all of them. 

Shawn also let us know that he has an even BIGGER series coming soon- his next project is an artist series:
First week in March I have a brand new series of 110 custom 3" Dunnys & one Custom 8" Dunny.
This time I reached out for some help from 7 amazing artists and 1 SUPER STAR... Here's the line-up:
Shawn Wigs, Anthony Devito, Nervis Wrek, James Fuller, Mike Die, JC Rivera & BALD (Bryan Lopez). Plus there will be 5 custom Dunnys designed & signed by Ghostface Killah from The WU-Tang Clan. The release date is set for March 2nd at 3:00 pm Eastern Time.