Friday, February 10, 2012

Join the Lunabee mailing list to be eligible for giveaways

Just got an email that Lunabee is giving away a sweet Cris Rose sculpt that she customized for Valentine's Day. I can't steal the image out of her email, and that's probably done for a reason, so the giveaway Cris Rose Sprog custom is not pictured here out of respect for that.

What IS pictured above is an image of Lunabee's hand-painted Robobees Series 3. These are, again, Cris Rose resin sculpts, which, when combined with Lunabee's signature style- which one might describe as embellished cartoon illustrative style- make for some super-cute pieces. These are, not surprisingly, sold out. Which brings me back to Lunabee's email list- that seems to be the only way to get your mitts on some of her pieces. Email her. In the mean time, she does have several other pieces in stock and ready to ship in her shop.