Saturday, February 18, 2012

Glass Mini Destroyer: Toygodd dives into alternative medium

You might remember the Destroyer figure- it was a 5" resin figure produced not long ago by Argonaut Resins for an emerging artist named Oh Negative. Oh Negative turned out to be none other than the Almighty Toygodd- Eric Frank, editor and writer of the Toygodd, Hangar 3A and Vinyl Shack columns on Action Figure Times. If there's anyone who covers as many different topics in the toy industry as I do, it's Toygodd. I hang out with him several times a year when he comes to town for the Toy Fair and NYCC.

When Toygodd was here a couple weeks ago, he showed me his latest creation: a mini 2" version of his Destroyer figure, but this time in glass! Glass is a medium that is being used a little bit these days, but no one is making figures as detailed as Toygodd. They are super heavy, and cool to the touch. Such a fun medium! He even melted GID powder into a few of them and I can personally sttest to the fact that once you charge the GID ones up, they glow INSANELY bright. They even have an inner glow visible in a lit room- it looks like a tiny lightbulb. Watch for more info on the evolution of these figures, both on Toygodd's blog and mine.