Thursday, February 23, 2012

Genuinely disgusting Grubby custom by eeKs

Usually the time I set aside for blogging is while I drink my coffee in the morning, just before I eat breakfast and get on with my day. My brain works best in the morning, and the blog posts are up for people to see them as they start their day.
In this case, I'm not so sure my timing is all that great, as I just woke up and I am now staring at eeKs' custom featuring maggot-filled open wounds. BLARRRRGH! Guess I will skip eating eggs for breakfast.

6" of pure grub worm filled,  grotesque, ill tempered vinyl makes up Grubby. Between scars & the worms, Grubby stays busy being the dirtiest & most vile curmudgeon one could lay eyes on. Check him out in eeKs shop today! in the Custom Toy section.

I've been studying and working with art now for nearly 2 decades, and one concept that is evident throughout the art world is that art is supposed to elicit a reaction from the viewer. That reaction does not always have to be positive (love, calm, happiness, warmth) for the piece to be successful. Indeed, The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch is a sick, messed-up piece that couldn't possibly make the viewer feel anything good. Yet, I love that painting- it's one of my favorites. It's sick, and it makes you feel sick, and that's awesome. Sorta like eeKs' Grubby. I really am a bit disgusted by that open wound, and that means the piece is successful. Bravo!