Monday, February 13, 2012

Bad Applez Online Group Show Opens February 14

Bad Applez Inc, a company cooked up by Rob "OsirisOrion" Ingellis and Mike "NEMO" Mendez, is having its first group show featuring dozens of apples customized by artists around the world. You are invited to drop by the Bad Applez website tomorrow, February 14th, to view the custom show when it goes live. Be there, no matter what your girlfriend says. She might even like it. I guarantee you will see funny videos by some of your favorite artists, as well as a whole big mess of awesome custom applez. Yes, that is the new, accepted way of spelling the plural of "apple". Deal with it.

Come and be a little BADD on Valentines Day!!.. be sure to come join Bad Applez inc and friends in celebrating our first ONLINE custom show "I'm a Baaad Apple"!
All customs will be for sale on that day, so be ready to pick up a sweet custom by one of your favorite artists! We wold like to thank each and every artist who took the time to participate in this event and to all those who have supported! You ROCK!! The show wIll be up till MAY ! don't be shy, breeze through and say hello! Thank you again people for all your support! 

Rob and Mike,