Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New pieces from DAVEMARKART

You can buy pieces by DAVEMARKART at his new web store and follow him on Facebook.

"HOPEFUL HEART" (at left) with balloon stands 8.5" tall.

This custom vinyl toy was created using super sculpey, acrylics, wire, and Dave's creative mind... the figure has a matte finish, the eyes and balloon have a gloss finish.

"EMPTY AS A HOLLOW TREE" (below) is a 4.5"tall custom using super sculpey and acrylics.
It has not been mounted to base in case the buyer wishes to display without base.

 At bottom is "THE LOVE BUNNY" which is a 3" custom dunny made from super sculpey and acrylics. It has a matte finish and the eyes have a high gloss finish.

Look out for an exclusive custom series by Dave which we will be selling at Tenacious Toys!

Empty as a Hollow Tree
The Love Bunny