Thursday, January 5, 2012

Kings of the Seasons 3-inch Dunny Series by Fuller

James Fuller is one of the most recognized and most prolific customizers working today. His talents are immediately evident when you look at the detailed work he puts into each piece. Fuller is currently accepting preorders for his upcoming 3-inch Dunny series titled "Kings of the Seasons." Each piece is $65 + shipping. Obviously, there are 4 characters, and Fuller will make 4 of each piece (16 total pieces). You can preorder yours here. Incredible work! Fuller has a real eye for graphics. 

If 3" custom Dunnys aren't your thing, Fuller also works on pretty much every other platform, including one of my most favorite toys ever: Nada'One's Kid666 figure, which you can see here. Check out his website here, his web store here, and his Tumblr here.