Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Jon-Paul Kaiser Captain Sturnbrau black & white in stock

We're always extra-excited when a friend of the shop has a production toy released! In this case, British artist Jon-Paul Kaiser has been working with Toy2R on this original sculpt called Captain Sturnbrau. We hosted JPK for a signing at the NYCC booth we split with Toy2R last year. Our booth was the spot where this Sturnbrau piece was revealed for the first time. Captain Sturnbrau is the salty captain of the Whispering Corsair, commanding Nathaniel Vigo (his First Mate) as well as Olaf the Mute, both of which are also production Qees made by Toy2R.

If you've been eying up the JPK customs in our shop, but they're a little more than you want to spend right now, you can get the next best thing: a production toy with the same clean and detailed black & white paint work which JPK has become known for. Toy2R did a bang-up job on these pieces.

Captain Sturnbrau is in stock now- you can buy yours here.

If you wanna follow JPK, he's very active on Twitter. Go tell him you think he's awesome.