Friday, January 20, 2012

Don P custom Kidrobot Mascots

Don P (Patrick Lippe) is taking a unique course in his customizing, focusing on the underused Kidrobot Mascot platform. Above are a couple of his concepts: KidDwarf and KidMedieval. Sweet friggin customs. I'm diggin the chain mail hoods and those moustaches & braided beards! 
Don P says "They both love to cut ears."

You can order your own commissioned Kidrobot Mascot custom from Don P here.
Details from the product page:

You will get a 7" Custom Kidrobot Mascot, customized in my style. This deal will be limited to 5 spots! I have got three Mascots to customize: Kidriot/Kidolof/Regular

These are 6 topics that can be customized:
1) Dwarf/Medieval (Kidolof)
2) Future Riot (Kidriot)
3) Future Sergeant (Kidriot)
4) Steampunk (Regular or Kidolof)
5) Metal/Rusty (all mascots possible)
6) Damaged ( i will go crazy on this one, you are warned)
NEW: 7) KidThor (A REAL VIKING!)
NEW: 8) KidGasmask (an insane gasmask will be made)

Every Mascot is unique.....i don't make a Mascot twice. It can be based on a Mascot i did before or a different approach.

Custom deal includes:
- Kidrobot Mascot
- Weapons
- Free shipping worldwide

Shipping to the US will take 2 weeks. I need one month to make your custom.