Monday, January 16, 2012

Bad Applez launching with "I'm a Bad Apple" online group show

My friends and talented artists Mike NEMO Mendez and Rob OsirisOrion Ingellis are celebrating the launch of their company Bad Applez Inc. with an online group show they're calling "I'm a Bad Apple." Bad Applez Inc. is currently self-producing resin figures as well as garage kits that harken back to the good old days of DIY toy creation. 
Going live on Valentine's Day (February 14, for us idiot guys who might actually forget the date), the Bad Applez show will feature the works of 30 talented artists. You might have surmised that an apple will be the platform for this show- not rotten old real apples, but nice cheap plastic apples that NEMO found. You might have seen some of them posted on Facebook by the artists that received the platforms! 
Watch for more info posted here, on the Bad Applez site and lots of other blogs!