Monday, January 23, 2012

Andrew Bell Android Series 3 Artist Roster released!

We have just placed our order for Series 3 of the insanely popular 3" vinyl Android figures. Looks like the artist roster this series incorporates some old favorites, and some new homies: alongside the Series 2 artists Scott Tolleson, Gary Ham and Andrew Bell, we now have the KaNO Kid, Huck, SKET, MAD, Kronk and Kelly Denato. Pretty damn cool lineup. Release is scheduled for Q2 of 2012 (that some time between April and June). These will NOT be re-run, says the distributor. They will decide how many to make and just make that number. (Series 2 was re-run a few times to meet continued demand.) Not taking preorders yet (too early) but just keep in mind that we'll be selling full cases and individual BBs. If I have any left over, I'll pop some open. We'll see.