Saturday, December 17, 2011

Urkor Malravenous Mini Qee available at

The Urkor Mni Qee figure from Toy2R is now available exclusively on Voltaire's website. Scroll down and it's about halfway down- there's a Paypal "Buy Now" button and it's $35 shipped. Toy2R only made 500 of them, and Voltaire has 250 to sell. The other 250 figures were sold by Adventure Quest Worlds' online store (, and Heromart is now sold out. 

AQW was selling these because the figure includes a special code that will unlock a shop in the game with 2 exclusive AQWorlds pets: the Necrosian Walker and the Necrosian Skullbat. There are two versions of each pet (normal pet, and also a member-only Battle Pet version which is Necromancer compatible).

I don't play AQW but I love this Qee so much that I think I might have to hit Voltaire up for one of them...
Here's the story behind the Urkor character:
There is no better companion than Voltaire’s own extraterrestrial monster teddy bear, Deady. However, Deady’s true form and name… Urkor Malravenenus was revealed during an AQW Friday the 13th special online event. This terrifying collectible 5″ Mini Qee unleashes Deady’s true nature – a cute little teddy bear that has become possessed by the greatest evil this galaxy of ours has to offer: Urkor Malravenus from planet Necronus, who, stranded on Earth in the disguise of this cute little teddy, decides to wreak havoc on mankind.