Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Stomper DIY toy from Poland

In my continued effort to promote the global art toy community, I definitely have to make some decisions about what I cover here on this blog. I get a lot of emails from toy artists and creators, and often (like right now) they get way backed up as I attend to my primary mission: packing and shipping orders from our shop. When I get a free minute, I get a few blog posts up. I do have to be selective and honestly, I try to focus on cool stuff. The Stomper, a 3.5" tall vinyl DIY figure from Poland, is not really the most complex or cutting-edge DIY toy I've seen. However, Stomper's creator, Michael Nowak, put a lot of effort and info in the email he sent to us, and apparently he has U.S. distribution lined up through DKE Toys, so I say for his effort, he gets some page time on this blog.  Stomper will retail for $20 each.
I know my fellow bloggers Jeremy and Matthew might not agree on the level of selectivity I am employing here, but that's what makes the world go 'round.
Without further blah blah, I present to you the first Polish art toy, Stomper:

Figure is 8.7cm (3,4 inch) and comes in two colors-white and black. Is prepared for future conversion (DIY toy). You can paint, cut remodel. Was designed so that without any intervention could enjoy the eye, standing on a shelf in their original form. Cubic head firmly dissociates itself from the rest of the round body giving two planes to convert.
For the start there will be on market just the white version.

Who are Stompers? This is a serious Crooks ready to fight. Two colors, two characters!

History of Stomper:
Almost three years ago the first Stomper saw the light of day. It is true that he was only on paper in outline form, but foreshadowed the advent of something material. I wanted to design a very simple toy. Each successive draft, each succeeding model of the modeling was becoming simpler to finally become what it is-a very simple form with a ton of emotion cursed in white and black toy.Then the resulting versions of the cast from resin - ton of dust on the balcony and the unbearable smell of resin and silicone in the apartment. When my wife was preparing to give birth in the hospital I overlapped the first layer of paint on cast figurines. With 20 of resin figure I made Exhibition at the "Need for Street" (thanks Plastic Heart), then exhibition in Poznan (Breeder with Toys). Unfortunately the flap! Figure proved to be too expensive in production and had no chance on the Polish market (also had its drawbacks production)

It was a moment when I came to the conclusion that I will need to do it professionally. VINYL!
Shipping sketches, projects to China. The first prototype of the wax. The first prototype of the vinyl. Shipping to Polish and U.S.. Fight against EU rules. The huge joy after unpacking boxes.

So in short, looks like the story of the first Polish-a vinyl toy.
When I look at the sketches I wonder if at the start I realized that it takes me so long that I will not sleep so many nights thinking if that everything will be OK.
I know that having this knowledge, three years ago, and knowing the end result I would risk again. Pleasure to hold own product gives so much satisfaction.
With the support of his wife, family, friends- 200 Stompers comes to Poland (800 units in the U.S.) and now waiting for their new owners.