Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Rampage Toys Holiday Kaiju Invasion Monday Dec 12

I'm gonna piss Jeremy Brautman off and copy and paste what Jon Malmstedt just emailed to me. Jeremy is a great writer who is a big fan of doing your own research and writing your own copy for blog posts. I totally agree with his viewpoint, yet I am going to just plain paste this text in to my blog to see if I can get him all riled up:

So, amidst the longest wait I have yet to have for new Ugly Unicorn Vinyl (there's a serious back-up at the factories after the con season and all...), I decided it would be a good time to do some good ol' custom kaiju handpaints.  I had a handful of M1GO and Bullmark figures sitting around unpainted, and one or two blank Unicorns, so I managed to get quite the little bundle assembled :-)

These guys will go Live in my shop on Monday at 8PM EST (Stateside) - which is 10AM on Tuesday here in Japan.  Always a juggling event to figure out the right time for this stuff...

Anyway, I've attached a pic, and it basically tells the whole story - bright colors on various colors of vinyl.  It was fun to paint a bunch of different platforms - especially since things are about to TAKE OFF with Ugly Unicorn production!  Lots of projects in the works for 2012!  First up, a new color of vinyl for 2 releases - more on that soon (I hope!) ;-)

More pictures of the "Holiday Kaiju Invasion Squad" are on the Flickr, here.