Saturday, December 17, 2011

Forest Wanderers by Toy Dungeon Studios

3" Forest Wanderers by Toy Dungeon Studios
Our friends at Toy Dungeon Studios have been hard at work on their new line of toys, the Sproglits. I've been getting updates regularly as they work though production, art concepts and the various aspects of the creation of an entirely new line. You might not realize it, but artists creating their own lines of toys, independently, have to put a LOT of thought and effort into each facet of the process. So kudos to Toy Dungeon Studios for putting in the effort. 
These figures look great! Very detailed for 3" figures!

Forest Wanderers guarding the 1" Sproglings
The Forest Wanderers are the vanguard of the Sproglits. Few in number and largely solitary, these stoic adventurers scout far and wide for suitable areas to develop new colonies.  The Earth-Tone Forest Wanderer’s mossy bodies… …giving them some measure of camouflage to ensure that no matter how far they roam, they always come back safe.

The figures are 3” tall with green flocking and made of cold cast resin. Due to their elusive nature a limited run of only ten figures will be made. You will be able to purchase the Earth-Tone Forest Wanderer Sproglit on December 23rd on our web store directly for $35.00 USD, shipping and handling included ($25.00 for the figure, $10.00 for S&H). Each of these little guys will come with a certificate of authenticity signed by none other than the Dungeon Master himself!  Visit us at our website at for updates.