Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Rampage Toys Original Ugliness & Army of Brightnesss Ugly Unicorns

"Original Ugliness" Ugly Unicorn by Rampage Toys
Word from Jon Malmstedt comes to us from far away: he has fallen into a regular routine of releases now that he is living in Japan and making hjis own vinyl toys! Here's his two latest message regarding his next two Ugly Unicorn releases:

Hey Toy People!

Time for another UGLY UNICORN release update!  This time around it's pieces that I painted up for Design Festa in Tokyo on November 12th and 13th (this coming weekend).  I'll be in booth I-300 with Datadub (Don) and Refreshment Aya - both will be selling other AWESOME sofubi toys!  I did 2 runs for the event (one micro, and one slightly larger), and I plan on having quite a few other items (will update the Flickr later this week).  Anything leftover after the event will be available to my Ugly Unicorn Mailing list first (joined by e-mailing me), and any left from that will go in the shop.

Anyway, here are the two runs!

1) "Original Ugliness" micro-run:  The Ugly Unicorn takes his original form!  Mixed parts (yellow and white vinyl) with lots of rub/spray action.  Who needs original sin, when you've got original ugliness?!?!? Micro Run of 5 pieces, outfitted with some of the original header cards (from the blank vinyl pre-order).

2) "Army of Brightness" Ugly Unicorns!  8+ layers of spray/masking, and some super work-intensive screen printed header cards are what you get with each of these figures.  Largest Ugly Unicorn run yet - 10 pieces!

"Army of Brightness" Ugly Unicorn by Rampage Toys