Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Observers resin figures by Cyberphunkk

The Observer figures by Cyberphunkk aka Emmanuel L. White Eagle

The Observer is a Being from another dimension of the quantum spectrum, that travels through worm holes in power points across the universe. He is channeled by massive radiant changing energy so where there is a momentum of forces being changed like ying & yang, positive and negative, friction is what attracts this creature. You will find him in places where the energies are radiating in a condensed state.
The energy could be positive, or it could be negative. He is there to see it all and make note, for He is the informant of "Karma". Therefore he is sent out by Karma to keep an eye on all that is attracting high frequencies of energies into the Quantum Spectrum. He has been sent out through out passages of time.
This creature has traveled through light years of space and time in order to establish order, per the laws of Karma.

Each piece is custom painted individually and made different than the other pieces from the foundation in the color blend and materials to the finishing touches. Each 3" piece for this first series is a 1/1 with only 13 produced... 4 are being put up for sale here.

The figures are each custom painted and will come bagged with a header card on top, with a mini 5 x 6 inch framed art print, signed and dated.