Thursday, September 8, 2011

NEMO Steel Warrior bootleg custom

NEMO's first Steel Warrior custom
NEMO's at it again, raiding the Queens 99-cent stores for platforms for his customs. NEMO is the brain behind the Rollie Show, our very first custom show which used 99-cent Avon-brand roll-on deodorant bottles as a platform for the customs. NEMO's a big fan of spending as little as possible on the platform, and using your own creativity to turn a cheap piece of plastic into something beautiful.

The 99-cent platform NEMO found, called "Steel Warrior"
Not long ago, NEMO stumbled upon a treasure trove of these 5-inch Iron Man bootleg figures called "Steel Warriors". They were priced at 99 cents each, so he bought a case of them. For his first custom on this illicit platform, NEMO chose the Tenacious Toys team colors- white and medium blue- and painted up a weathered, armored, bootleg custom just for us! 

NEMO says he was surprised at the quality of the toy- it's articulated, the helmet flips up and the armor plates are removable! Not a bad find for 99 cents! We will be the exclusive retailer of NEMO's Steel Warrior bootleg customs. More to come, stay tuned! 

For now, you can buy this awesome custom in our shop here for just $45! 
We haven't had a NEMO piece priced that low in years.

If you'd like to meet NEMO and get his autograph, or have him doodle on your toy or in your book, you can meet him at his signing at our NY Comic Con booth! 
Booth 876, 3PM, Saturday October 15th. 
NEMO will be signing alongside OsirisOrion and Bob Conge of Plaseebo.