Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mike "NEMO" Mendez featured on our NYCC postcard

This year, since we are teaming up with Toy2R on a NYCC booth (#876), we wanted to go heavy on the presentation of the Toy2R product line. We therefore decided to stick a Qee on our NYCC marketing materials. We chose the 5" Mini Qee Toyer as our featured product, a sweet $15 DIY platform toy offered by Toy2R. Our side of the postcard shows a Mini Qee Toyer customized by local hero/artist Mike Mendez, aka NEMO. The reverse side, the Toy2R side, shows the Mini Qee platfrom in all its beautiful, clean, white glory, ready to be customized.

You can meet NEMO, along with Rob Ingellis and Bob Conge, at a group signing at 3PM on Saturday October 15th. These 3 artists are actively collaborating on a number of projects, so this is your chance to meet all three at once! Booth 876. Be there.